Changing customer account login

The login process for your customer account will change on 14.12.2023

What are the benefits of the new login process for me?

The SwissPass login gives you access to various online public transport services. You simply log in with your SwissPass login and you don't need a separate customer account for each webshop. Of course, you still have the option of completing your bookings as a guest without registering.

What will change for me?

Access to your SGV customer account will only be possible with a SwissPass login. As a result, all our customer accounts that are not linked to a SwissPass login will be deactivated on 14.12.2023 and you will no longer be able to access them.

What can I do to prevent access to my SGV customer account from being deactivated?

To continue accessing your customer account after 14.12.2023, link it to your SwissPass login:

  • I already have a SwissPass login: If you use the same e-mail address for your SwissPass login as for your SGV customer account, you don't need to do anything. The link will take place automatically when you log in to SGV account with your SwissPass login for the first time. The password is the same as for your SwissPass login.

  • I already have a SwissPass login but with a different e-mail address: If you use a different e-mail address for your SwissPass login than for your SGV account, the accounts cannot be linked. Change your SwissPass login so that the e-mail address matches the e-mail address in your SGV customer account. Where can I change my login e-mail address (username)? Log in to your SwissPass Account with your e-mail address and personal password. Then click on your initials at the top right and select “Login details”. Enter your new e-mail address under “Change login e-mail address”.

  • I don’t have a SwissPass login yet: Register at with the same e-mail address as for your SGV account. After the change on 14.12.2023, your SGV account will be automatically linked to your SwissPass login.

How do I create a new customer account on our Webshop?

If you create a customer account on our website after 14.12.2023, you will be redirected directly to, where you set up a SwissPass login. Registration is free of charge and can be completed in just four steps.

Bookings also possible without login

You can still complete your bookings in our webshop as a guest. This means that you can make your bookings conveniently and easily online without having to create a customer account.

Am I already registered with “SwissPass”?

To check whether a login already exists with your e-mail address, go to

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here. If a security code has not been sent to the specified e-mail address, no account exists with the specified e-mail address.

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